Cohabiting Couples

A brief explanation of the general principles is provided below.

Where the parties to a dispute live together and the relationship breaks down, there is no need to divorce. However, one or both parties may need to find a new home. There will be a division of assets, for example: the home where the parties reside. Land law and trust law issues may arise as a result of the separation.

Andrews and Monroe solicitors have experts lawyers who will  help an individual who is cohabiting separate from their spouse. We aim to encourage you to settle any potential property dispute amicably. Where the parties cannot reach an amicable settlement, then the matter will have to be referred to a court. It is important that each party has their own representation

In terms of children. The law regarding children of cohabiting parents is the same as children of parents who are married. Again, parents are encouraged to reach agreement regarding living arrangements for children and contact with the non-resident parent.

Date: 11 December 2021

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