Complaint Policy

Johanna Cargill is the Compliance Officer for Legal Practice and will be responsible for the implementation of this policy.


I aim to provide you my client with a quality legal service. Should you be unhappy with the service provided I expect you to advice me accordingly so that I can investigate the matter and resolve any dispute. I will aim to maintain and improve the standard of service being offered to you as my client.

I prefer complaints to be made by letter in writing because emails can get lost. A complaint can however be sent to .

Complaint Procedure

When I receive a letter of complaint I will aim to acknowledge receipt of the complaint within five working days. If however you have not received at least an acknowledgement within 5 working days from the date that you have posted your complaint, please telephone to ensure that your complaint has been received.

  • I will record the complaint in the central register.

  • I will investigate your complaint and provide you with a written response within ten working days after the complaint has been acknowledged. Alternatively I will invite you to the office so that we can discuss your complaint.

  • In the event that you are called into the office so that your complaint is to be discussed I will confirm the outcome of that meeting in writing within three working days.

  • Should you express your dissatisfaction with my response to your complaint, with your consent, I may arrange for a solicitor to review my decision within ten working days. I will ask the solicitor to provide you with a written response to your complaint.

  • In the event that you remain unhappy with the outcome of your complaint you can refer the matter to the Legal Services Ombudsman who will investigate your complaint further. Contact:

    Legal Ombudsman

    PO Box 6806


    WV1 9WJ



    The Legal Ombudsman has up to 6 years to hear a complaint. If you discover an issue a number of years after your file was closed; the Legal Ombudsman has 3 years to deal with your complaint if you had knowledge of his services. The Legal Services Ombudsman prefers complaints to be made within 6 months. 

  • Consumers have the right to use other methods of dispute resolution (such as ADR). The European Union has created an on-line dispute resolution platform which you can use if you wish to complain about services purchased on line. You can gain access to the European Union on-line dispute resolution by clicking the link provided below.

                Website: EU Online ADR