Employers will usually have a good working relationship with staff and use their best endeavours to ensure compliance with the current employment law, by having the right policies and systems in place. However there will be the odd occasion when things go horribly wrong.

It’s a headache! A bad situation is consuming too much valuable time and money. You are in need of urgent advice. You may have:

  • a work dispute that needs to be resolved quickly before it escalates to a fully blown claim; you cannot afford in time or money; or
  • a bad employee, who really needs to be managed out of the office, quickly; or
  • you lost a contract and your staff are going to be transferred to a third party, TUPE applies and you don’t know what to do; or
  • a large number of staff have to be made redundant; or
  • you are unsure of the law regarding maternity or paternity leave; or
  • old contracts of employment, staff handbook or policies need to be reviewed and updated.

Whether it is putting the correct procedures in place or advice on the law: unfair dismissal, discrimination, flexible working, redundancy, TUPE or the need for new contracts or a staff handbook, we are always here to help.

How we help employers

We will guide you through the complex employment legalisation and will advice you on how to resolve your dispute at work. We will encourage settlement as it is a cost effective and prudent way to deal with any dispute.

We will ensure that you have the right policies and procedures in place and that you comply with the current law.

We can deal with all disputes right up to trial; but work hard to avoid trials as they are expensive.

We have already helped numerous employers:-

  • with contracts and policy documents.
  • handle disciplinary and grievance procedures.
  • with the redundancy process.
  • fight tribunal claims.
  • settle claims.
  • make staff redundant.
  • with TUPE.
  • with general advice on the current law and best practice.
95% of our clients were happy with the outcome of their dispute. Need help, now, complete the contact form below for a free consultation