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You may be a director of an IT company, an IT consultant, a web designer or app developer. The law can be complex when setting up a business, taking over a business, re-starting a business after insolvency. We will add value by helping you to avoid pitfalls that may be costly.

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Information Technology Matters

We can help you with:

  • Drafting software licenses

  • Drafting contracts

  • Terms and conditions of business

  • eCommerce

  • Digital Technology

  • Outsourcing

  • Website Compliance with current regulations

  • Website terms and conditions of use

  • Privacy and Cookies Policies

  • Data Protection and security

  • Notification to ICO and breach

  • Protection of your ideas and intellectual property rights

  • Dispute resolution and litigation


  • We have advised App developers on issues with Google

  • Drafted policy documents such as data protection for on-line use

  • Drafted contracts and licenses

  • Drafted terms and conditions of business

  • We have assisted in the running of an IT company. We are also members of the Society of Computers and the Law, a leading organisation used to keep IT lawyers up-to-date.

95% of our clients were happy with the outcome of their dispute.