Moving Children Abroad

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 Move abroad permanently with your child or children

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Moving abroad permanently with children

First Step

Try and get your ex partner who usually will have parental responsibility to agree you can move abroad with the child or children.

You will need to try and agree how contact with your child will be maintained. So the move will impact on any existing Child Arrangement Order. This may involve the child having to return back to the UK on a regular basis and the absent parent also visiting the new country where you intend to reside. This does not necessarily mean the parent will have to be in your home. They may get a hotel room close by.

You must have a solid reason for deciding to leave. The propose move must benefit the child or children and should not impact too much on the parent left alone in the UK.

Parties that are unable to agree should try mediation. .A failure to agree will mean that you will have to submit an application to the Family Court requesting an order to be allowed to relocate to another country.

Second Step

Apply to the Family Court for a relocation order.

The courts are interested in the detailed plan you provide regarding your proposed move. The plan should discuss:

1.    Where you intend to live

2.    Have you family ties in the new country

3.    Whether you have a job already or your job prospects

4.    Finances

5.    Provisions made for the child in terms of: GP, school, dentist.

6.    How close is the local hospital?

7.    What is the new area like for children?

8.    The arrangements for continuing contact.

9.    Impact of the move on the other parent and possibly the children depending on their ages will be considered.

Each case will be based on its facts. It is fair to say that relocation will not always be granted.

Moving abroad with children

Courts will allow a parent to relocate with the children provided it can be shown that every attempt is made to enable contact to continue with the parent who will remain in the UK.